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All Color but the Black
~ A Bleach Themed Dressing Room ~
22nd-Apr-2010 06:53 pm - //prods dr
[There is a little boy on the streets of Karakura wearing the kind of outfit so silly-looking, it could only belong to an elementary school student.  It's getting late, and he's starting to get scared, though he's determined not to show it.  He stops for a moment at an empty sidewalk and carefully looks both ways along the street before jogging across, backpack bouncing along behind him.  It's pretty dangerous for a kid to be out alone at night- a grown-up would be helpful.]

[ooc: I-I'm so very sorry for this, but he wouldn't leave me alone.]
5th-Apr-2010 05:47 am - I-I couldn't resist.
[Those in Las Noches with very keen reiatsu perception might be led to one particularly tiny Quincy who was thoroughly sick of dimension-hopping, especially when she'd been pitched headfirst into enemy territory.  Though she ran through secluded corridors, Ametatsu was far more cautious than she had been with a mission- without an Inoue-kun to save, she was simply stranded.  In spite of how obnoxious he was, she almost wished Pesche would show up again.  Any allies would be better than taking on a fortress of Arrancar alone, and as it stood, her only means of getting home were by the whim of whatever force sees fit to fling her through realities.]

[OOC: I think everyone knows Ame at this point...  I tagged her with her own name, but if she needs Uryuu's as well, just let me know.]
5th-Apr-2010 12:28 am(no subject)
Hnn... [She had awoken in a strange room just a short while ago, which probably would have been very disconcerting if it hadn't happened a number of times before. To her this was just another in a series of dimension hops, but she proceeded along the corridors of this place cautiously. Of course she immediately recognized it as Las Noches, but the old familiar presences were nowhere to be found. Traversing these halls was fine for those who belonged, but for someone like her it was no walk in the park. She kept her senses on high alert, moving quietly but quickly. If she was lucky, those currently charged with surveillance would be incompetent.]
3rd-Apr-2010 05:26 pm - Welcome~
Welcome to
All Color but the Black

Welcome to the new Bleach Dressing Room, All Color but the Black! I'm your headmod, Skyla Doragono, bringing you a place where you can gather all your:

♦ Canon Bleach characters.
♦ AU Bleach characters.
♦ OCs based on Bleach.
♦ Non-Bleach AUs who have been planted into the Bleach universe.

Please remember to take a look at the rules, location information, and tagging rules before posting.

Also, I'm looking for another person to help me mod this dressing room! Please PM this account with your name, the times you're online, and why you think you would be a good mod of the group.

Thank you, and enjoy the game!
Mod: Skyla
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