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All Color but the Black
~ A Bleach Themed Dressing Room ~
3rd-Apr-2010 05:26 pm
Welcome to
All Color but the Black

Welcome to the new Bleach Dressing Room, All Color but the Black! I'm your headmod, Skyla Doragono, bringing you a place where you can gather all your:

♦ Canon Bleach characters.
♦ AU Bleach characters.
♦ OCs based on Bleach.
♦ Non-Bleach AUs who have been planted into the Bleach universe.

Please remember to take a look at the rules, location information, and tagging rules before posting.

Also, I'm looking for another person to help me mod this dressing room! Please PM this account with your name, the times you're online, and why you think you would be a good mod of the group.

Thank you, and enjoy the game!
Mod: Skyla
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